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Getting Started


Welcome to the Perfection documentation!

What is Perfection?

Perfection is a lightweight Digital Experience Composition tool designed for developers and business users, enriching preview websites with editing, styling, collaboration and productivity features.

Developers use Oversite script to load Perfection's features into a preview website. They manage their Sites and Themes using the Admin Panel and the CLI, which also includes Providers configuration, linking access to back-end systems (CMS, Ecommerce, PIM, DAM etc...). Business users utilize Perfection features through the Dock, accessible at the bottom of the screen from the preview website. They publish changes to their live website from the same place.

For getting published changes, developers take advantage of the Runtime API and our Helpers Package.

Weclome to Perfection

Key Features

Some of the main Perfection features include:

Deep LinksFinding the right content record to edit in your commerce, DAM or CMS can be challenging. Save time and reduce risk of errors with our deep link & navigation tools that leads you straight to the live content in the underlying system.
Section DesignerManage your website's appearance with our Section Designer, specifically created to empower marketing teams to create visually stunning web experiences from a preview site.
Component DesignerThe Component Designer gives you the tools needed to make every component stand apart. No need to rewrite your site, it is simply built built on top of your existing CSS or any frameworks like Tailwind, UIkit, Bootstrap, Bulma and many others.
CollaborationEnhance teamwork and communication with our Comments & Tasks feature. Collaborate seamlessly with team members by adding comments and assigning tasks directly on your web pages, ensuring context-driven discussions and quicker resolution of issues.
LaunchpadEffortlessly distribute essential links to your organization's tools and systems to your teams via a centralized hub.

Learn Perfection

Explore our guides and examples to integrate Perfection into your project. If you have questions about anything related to Perfection, feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

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