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Features - Collaboration


Enhance teamwork and communication with our Comments & Tasks feature. Collaborate seamlessly with team members by adding comments and assigning tasks directly on your web pages, ensuring context-driven discussions and quicker resolution of issues. Empower teams to work efficiently and achieve better results together.


How it works

Adding Oversite to your preview website will instantly embed a customizable commenting experience to enable people to collaborate effotlessly.

With Comments, you can add in-context feedback with ready-to-use functionalities including pinned comments, page-specific comments, user mentions and email notifications. Additional features such as replying, thread resolution, taking screenshots and more, further enrich the user experience and communication efficiency.

The Launchpad acts as a centralized hub, distributing essential links to your organization's tools and systems directly to your team members. This streamlined access facilitates efficient navigation and use of critical resources.

Available features