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Developers - Webhooks


The available events to listen for are readable on the Webhooks settings page.
On the webhooks settings page, browse to the Event Catalog tab.

This tab shows an overview of the available events and the JSON object format that will be sent to each configured endpoint when the event is triggered.

Event TypesDescription
comment.createdComment has been created
componentinstance.createdComponent Instance was created
componentinstance.deletedComponent Instance was deleted
componentinstance.markeddeletedComponent Instance was marked to be deleted
componentinstance.updatedComponent Instance was updated
contentprovider.createdContentProvider was created
contentprovider.deletedContentProvider was deleted
contentprovider.updatedContentProvider was updated
publish.completedPublish has completed
section.createdSection was created
section.deletedSection was deleted
section.updatedSection was updated
site.createdSite was created
site.deletedSite was deleted
site.updatedSite was updated
subcomment.createdSub Comment has been created
theme.createdTheme was created
theme.deletedTheme was deleted
theme.updatedTheme was updated