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Features - Section Designer

Section Designer

Specifically created to empower marketing teams to create visually stunning web experiences, our Section Designer gives business users the freedom to choose from various layouts. Effortlessly achieve the perfect look and feel for your site without the need for developer intervention.

Section Designer

How it works

Our Section Designer is a tool to create visual editors for busines users. As a developer, you decide which sections should be modifable by a content creator. This can be as simple as changing a class for a given section from your own CSS or from a collection of 70 predefined layout templates.

The Visual Editor

The Visual Editor has 3 types of styling options: Layouts, Decorations and Width. Based on your configuration, you decide which layout system and which values are allowed to be controlled by business users.

Supported CSS Frameworks

You are completely free to use any CSS framewroks that suits your needs. We are providing you with a Layout systemif you need one or you can opt to use and enhance the layout system you already have in place. (Find out more about Perfection Layout system)

Additionally, our tools fully support all popular Layout systems and CSS frameworks:

  • Your CSS
  • Tailwind
  • UIkit
  • Bootstrap
  • Bulma

Developer Guides

Assuming you have already installed Oversite on your preview website, follow those steps to enable Section Designer: